Summer is coming and we are ready

I hope everyone who had the sun last weekend managed to make the most of it.  We had actually left HQ for the weekend and were in sunny (but chilly) Scotland.  We made the most of the sunshine with an ice cream at the beach.  There were plans of a BBQ, but by the time the evening rolled around it was not so appealing.  Now this week, I am forever hopefully we have a bright and sunny weekend this weekend and can enjoy it at home!

I am excited to announce that our Summer range is now available on our new refreshed website.

Two exciting new additions for summer, new scents and new sizes.

  1. New scents

Along with our classic summer scents (Peony Posy, Rose Garden, Coconut Cream and Lemoncello) we now have two new scents for summer.  Summer Nights and Summer Kitchen.  Both of these scents are amazing and perfect for your summer at home and entertaining.

Summer Nights is perfect for outdoors, it has Citronella to keep away the bugs paired with a touch of Lime for extra zestiness.  This is intense and in the new sizes should last you the summer.  We recommend adding music, Aperol spritz and Antipasti.

Summer Kitchen is really versatile.  It is fresh and uplifting.  It could be your perfect Kitchen accompaniment to add a ‘kitchen garden’ vibe but equally is great for your summer dinner parties or BBQs.


2. New sizes

We have two fantastic new sizes for our best summer scents.

The 3-wick 50cl candle was so popular at Christmas we now have this available for four of our summer scents (Summer Nights, Summer Kitchen, Coconut Cream and Lemoncello). The 3-wick is a large candle and will last for many hours of entertaining and socialising over the summer months.

The Hurricane Lantern candle is something special.  It holds 60cl of wax – so slightly bigger volume than the standard 50cl but this one is chunky and made for outdoors.  It has tall sides so that the wind won’t blow it out, a must have summer outdoor accessory.



I have been making some Summer Nights candles the last few days and as my workshop is connected to my house the entire house is now smelling like Citronella – or I like to close my eyes and imagine a Malaysian beach cafe. 🙂

Remember – all our products are made to order, they can all be personalised – you simply need to add your personalisation request to the custom box at check out.

Happy Summer everyone!



7 ways to make the most of the arrival of summer weekend at home

It is no secret that I love summer.  It is no secret that I love parties and entertaining, and this weekend is one to ditch the boring chores and make the most of the sunny weather – especially when we don’t know how long it is going to stick around.

Whilst it is lovely to get out and about on a sunny day, many of us have spent the last 6-months with the house shut up and the heating on so now is the time to enjoy the sun at home too.

  1. Get the BBQ out of the shed

This is the number 1 must do if you are thinking about the weekend sunny weather.  There is actually nothing better than cooking outdoors.  As a Kiwi we are a bit BBQ obsessed, and a BBQ is more than Sausages it  was always a regular weekend occurrence and sometime a Breakfast treat too.  Fresh Seafood is also great on the BBQ, Scallops wrapped in Parma Ham or Prawns.


2. Impromptu party

Create Ambience at your impromptu party with summer candle scents.  Sweetness & Light, Summer Nights – Citronella & Lime Scented Candle (50cl £32.50)


If you have done as above and got the BBQ out of the shed, then the next must do is to call some friends, have an impromptu party, the more the merrier, the better the mix of people the more fun it is.  The more impromptu party are usually the best parties.  You don’t need a lot of organising, if it is ‘with kids’ then make sure you have a few balls to get the kids in the garden entertaining themselves if it is ‘without kids’ then you could go for boules, or just simply set up your outdoor entertaining area and create the atmosphere.  Music, candles, wine, olives, crisps and cheese are the essentials and I have had many great nights where this is what we have called ‘dinner’.  Whilst it is still too early for bugs and mosquitos Sweetness and Light do have a new Summer Nights candle which is Citronella and Lime.  It is great to keep the bugs away or just to add to your party ambience.  Citronella transports you to the east so your East London garden could suddenly be a beautiful beach in Thailand.


3. Antipasti & Spritz


This one is simple, and a great way to enjoy a Saturday evening with your partner.  My husband and I have had some of our best holidays in Italy so sometimes once the daughter is in bed there is nothing better than a relaxed Antipasti for dinner and a Aperol Spritz.  We have learnt over the years that our dog is also a fan of Antipasti – so if you do have a familiar situation high tables are recommended!  Otherwise you suddenly find a piece of parma ham slip from the plate!

4. Picnic on the lawn

Picnics are a fab Sunday afternoon family activity, but it can be a hassle, packing everything up, loading the car and driving to some super busy spot where everyone else has had the same idea!  Well instead do a Picnic on the lawn!  It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, as long as you have enough space to get a picnic blanket down then you can while away the afternoon.  Get the kids playing cricket, enjoy your afternoon with a spot of Sauvignon or Pinot Gris (again I am a kiwi so these are always must haves) but then you have no worrying about the driving!  And if you forgot something you can run inside and grab it or if someone has a desperate bathroom need, no running to public bathrooms.  Everyone is a winner.


5. A spot of gardening

I realise the top 4 things here have all been to do with eating or drinking but a touch of gardening is a hugely satisfying early summer weekend activity.  A quick visit to the garden centre for supplies and then an afternoon getting your hands dirty (literally).  Of course, polishing it off with a hard earned cold drink.  Number 3 on the list is a perfect activity to do next – as who wants to cook when you have been gardening all day.

6. Al Fresco Breakfast

Taking your breakfast outside can be an incredibly satisfying way to start the day.

Ok – we are back to food, but this one is easy really.  Just eat your breakfast outside.  Soak up the fresh smells of a sunny morning, listen to the birds and just eat in a little peace.


7. Outdoor Yoga

I was back in New Zealand in February and whilst enjoying a morning walk and swim at the beach I saw some Yogis set up and practicing their Yoga on the beach.  Amazing idea, I do miss the beach and if I lived near and had the time this would be a fabulous way to do a weekend workout.  So many of us in the UK are not close enough to the beach to do this right?  but there are now so many great Yoga apps now, it is now easy for anyone to practice yoga at home, outdoors, without having to trek to a Gym or Yoga studio.  So why not, this Sunday (before your Al Fresco Breakfast) grab your yoga mat or a towel if you don’t have one and get outside, either your own garden or the local park and practice some yoga.  What a fabulous way to start the day.


What ever you do this weekend – make sure you get outside and soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy the summer feeling.


Summer scents

There are lots of great smells to associate with summer. Fresh cut grass, roses, sea air. But one of my most favourite smells of summer is hot asphalt even better is wet hot asphalt. Weird right? But actually these smells for me are some of my strongest memories of summer as a kid in NZ. Now, those who have experienced an NZ summer know it is generally pretty good but we do love a tropical storm leaving everything damp and humid and the fantastic lingering smell from the wet roads. As the hot tar cools off and we run off barefoot down to the beach or jump in the swimming pool in the rain. Before you knew it the rain stops the sounds of the cicadas reemerged and the sun came back out.

Sunday was an equally wet/sunny day here in Chorleywood. We took the dog for a walk and the faint damp grass smell lingered while the black clouds were looming and threatening overhead.

This is now actually a pretty typical summer weekend for us. Get up, muck about, walk in the common.

I wonder what smells my daughter will associate with this time? Maybe the smell of wood from the new woodland climbing area or maybe the smell of damp wool (less romantic) from the dog who has just rolled in the wet grass.

I have created a couple of limited edition scents for this summer to try and reflect different moments. Summer Breeze is a unique mix of English Rose and Pomegranate. It will appeal to those who love the more sweetness but the light floral tone will capture those who love more traditional scents. The Rose always reminds me of my nana as she had a lot of hand creams and soaps most were Rose scented.

I have also tried to find a scent that reflects our summers here in England. The 'Chorleywood Summer' is a blend of Mandarin, lime and basil is really unique and captures the earthy and grassy smells of a Sunday walk on the common.

I realise I must have suddenly become British as I right this post. It started out about the smells of summer but actually I realise it really is about weather!