Top tips for getting the best burn from your candles

As a candlemaker we want all of our customers to get the best experience from their candles with great scent throw, consistent flame and long burn time.

To achieve this I therefore test constantly for optimal quality of fragrance oils, wick size and also wax burn. I have done all I can to create the best candle, how you treat your candles will also have an impact on how well they burn – so here are my top tips.

Burn time:

I have chosen to use 100% soya wax primarily because it is better for the environment, it is vegan but also it has a low burn temperature.  A low burn temperature means that your candle containers do not get too hot, you will also then have a longer burn time from the same sized candle if it was paraffin.  This is all great, but the low burn temperature means that your first burn is extremely important.

The first time you burn your candles ensure you have enough time for it to burn.  As a guide, for a 30cl candle this might be between 2-3 hours, a 3-wick candle this might be up to 4 hours.  The best thing to do is for the first burn, leave burning until the full surface is melted. This will get you the longest life and best experience from your candle.  This will stop the development of ‘pools’ which will result in tunnelling of your candles and less and less flame and burn each time you use your candle.

Wick size:

Wick size also has an impact on how well your candle burns and flame size.  A wick that is too long will likely result in a faster burn, can smoke and also can be dangerous.  After each use trim your candle wick to approximately 5mm in length.

Rescuing your candles (when things go wrong):

If your wicks end up too short or your candle has tunnelled and has excessive unburned wax, all is not lost, you can turn this ugly ornament, back into your favourite interior accessory.

Remove all excess, unburned wax from the sides of the candle glass/container using a butter knife.  You want to take your candle back to a flat surface.  This might seem like a waste, but remember that wax that is unburned on the sides is never going to melt and your candle flame and burn will only get worse each time.

Once you have a flat surface examine the wick.  Is it long enough?  If it is too short you may find that the flame is very small and it does not establish enough to melt the full wax pool.  If you think this is going to be the case then dig out some of the wax around the wicks to ensure that there is approx 5mm of wick to burn.

Taking these measures should help your candles last longer and recover them if they have not been burned well.  These steps can also be taken if you find that you are burning your candles for short periods and you start to get a build up of wax on the sides.

Remember, never leave candles unattended or burn when you are asleep.



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